The museum is closed until further notice due to Corona virus in Denmark.
You are always welcome to contact us.

Tickets and exhibition

Ticket prices are reasonable at only 60 kr, which includes coffee and cake, but during the winter season, where opening hours are by appointment only, a guide is required to open and close the museum. This means an additional fee of 250 kr. In order to assure a satisfactory tour, one guide can show no more than 8 guest around at one time due to restricted space. We hope that you can gather a group and have a great experience in Ringsted.  Last year’s themes were:
TV design 1950 – 2000.  And: The sound of KORSBÆK (TV-serie) (to be continued)

Welcome to Ringsted!

The Chronicle project:
The DR Museum has donated several models in the Royal Establishment Model exhibition as a sign of their appreciation for our participation in the TV series The Chronicle, where we delivered 600 units to the Bella Company. The association spent 6,000 hours over the course of five years on this project.
Our background

Denmark is a unique country in relation to electronics, radio & TV. Danish researchers were behind  inventions such as;

• Observing/describing positions of “The STAR’s” by Tycho Brahe
• The calculation of the speed of radio waves by Ole Roemer
• Demonstration of electromagnetism by Hans Christian Oersted
• The world’s first dry cell battery by Wilhelm Hellesen
• Magnetic storage/recording by Valdemar Poulsen
• The world’s first powerful speaker Magnavox by Peter L. Jensen
• The worlds first talking Movie: System Petersen & Poulsen
• Stereo recording after MS system by Holger Lauridsen (DR)
• The world’s first stereo pick-up by Erik Rørbæk Madsen (B & O)

 We are a small country, but it is our DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY,
to cherish and to share the knowledge of these Danish inventions.
In 1962, Ringsted was given the responsibility of creating a trade school for radio mechanics. The school was established in April of 1963 and we have  been educators for the radio industry for more than 50 years.
Ringsted Tekniske Skole hired Niels M. Holm in 1963 and Bjarne D. Nielsen in 1966. They soon agreed to gather devices for a collection of equipment related to the radio industry, which has now become one of the largest in the country.
Apprentices and masters alike participated with great enthusiasm. In 1970 the school was made responsible for the training of radio dealers from the entire country. The school, which today is called the ZBC, is still home to the education of Radioshop sales people.
In addition to approximately 5,000 devices, RFR has thousands of components, charts, books and magazines.
In 1963 when Ringsted Teknisk Skole began teaching radio mechanics, the Danish radio and TV factories and their subcontractors employed about 40,000 people. Denmark was self-sufficient when it came to radio & TV.


Radio Historical Society Ringsted conducts a series of events every year with help of our friendship association.
Mondays: Meetings in RADIOHUSET  from 7 pm to approximately 10:30 PM. The set activities are: Sorting of incoming cases, appliance repairs in the workshop, recordings in the AV Center and member meetings in  a good atmosphere.
The newsletter RADIOTEN is sent out monthly  via e-mail
Here we inform regularly about the organization’s work and events.
A new theme oriented exhibition is staged  yearly at the museum.
In late April: Inauguration of the Museum’s new exhibition.
There will be 4-6 lectures on selected Mondays, every year.
Visit/summer tour will be organized in the beginning of June.
There will be a flea market on the last Sunday in August.
A common Christmas party for RFR and the friendship association on the last Friday in November.
A free opening afternoon last Sunday before X-mas, from 13 – 16 .